2019 Open class & Chilean revolt links

Federico Fuentes, Pablo Leighton and Fernando López hosted an open class at the University of New South Wales on July 25, 2019, on the topic of the Pink Tide, and specifically on the Venezuelan, Argentinean and Brazilian political processes. Also, new articles on the 2019 Chilean revolt have been published (here and here), plus a short and a longer interview on the situation in Chile.

2018 Southland Papers

The Latin American Research Platform is hosting the Southland Papers, a selection of essays dedicated to Latin American histories, politics and cultures, written by researchers based on or with outlooks from the Southern Hemisphere. We have made available seven previously unpublished, non-institutional papers written by Josiah Fajardo, Fernando Bayer, Benjamin John, Pablo Leighton, VZFZ and S. Nampalli.

Counterhegemony 2017 recordings

The recordings from our Counterhegemony 2017 event, about the current neoliberalisation of the Australian university system, have been published. They feature interventions by Raewyn Connell, Andrew Whelan, George Morgan, Nick Riemer, raúl rodríguez, Francisco Figueroa, Dylan Lloyd, Roz Ward, and others.

Counterhegemony 2017

The Latin American Research Platform invites the public to a conference and platform to critically analyse the current neoliberalisation of the university system in Australia. This half-day event to be held in Sydney, Australia, in May 6, 2017 will feature presentations by academics, students and activists. The event will also include interviews with protagonists of the 2011 Chilean Winter student movement, who managed to mobilise an entire country and radically change the national discourse on the invasion of the market into higher education and most public areas. The event is to be held at 22-36 Mountain Street, Ultimo (Sydney CBD), NSW, on Saturday May 6, 2017, from 1PM to 5PM. See program here.

2016: Book launch in Sydney

Latitudes informs that the book “The Feathers of Condor: Transnational State Terrorism, Exiles and Civilian Anticommunism in South America”, by Fernando López (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK), will be launched on Friday 14 October, 5:00PM, at the University of New South Wales. Special guests Dr Pablo Leighton, Co-Editor of Latitudes, Dr Peter Ross from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Dr Rodrigo Acuña will present the book with the author. The event will be held at room 310, Morven Brown building, UNSW Kensington Campus, Sydney.

2016 Argentina and Brazil videos

Video recordings from our two 2016 public events dedicated to Argentina and Brazil are now available. In our first seminar titled Media monopolies and political power in Latin America: The case of Argentina, we discussed the latest developments in that country and reflected on the role played by mass media conglomerates. We showed a special video interview for Latitudes with Pedro Rubén Brieger, a prestigious Argentine journalist and sociologist.

In the second event, Public forum: Political crisis in Brazil, organized by Latitudes, the Latin American Social Forum Sydney and the Socialist Alliance, Dr Fernando López moderated and introduced the forum with a presentation called Media and political power in Brazil: the making of a coup. Pedro Ivo Carneiro Teixeirense, researcher and PhD Candidate in Social History at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, sent a special presentation about the crisis in his country.

2016: Public Forum: Political crisis in Brazil

Latitudes would like to invite the public to the upcoming forum "Political Crisis in Brazil", organized by the Latin American Social Forum. The event will be held on Saturday 21 May, 4:30 pm at Hut 47, Addison Road Community Centre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville. See details below.  

2016 Event - Media moopolies and politica power in Argentina

Latitudes invites the Latin American academic community in Australia, students and general public to its first seminar for 2016. In this occasion, we will discuss the latest developments in Argentina and reflect on the role played by mass media conglomerates in these events. We will show a special video interview for Latitudes with Mr Pedro Brieger, journalist, sociologist and international analyst at Public Television in Argentina since 2004. The event will also include presentations from Mr Federico Fuentes (author, editor, and experienced writer), and the Editors of Latitudes, Pablo Leighton and Fernando López. The dialogue will be held on Friday April 29, 2016, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at room 310, Morven Brown building, UNSW Kensington Campus.

2016: 'Chilean New Song' book is out

Latitudes informs that the book Chilean New Song: The Political Power of Music, 1960s-1973, by Dr J. Patrice McSherry has been published by Temple University Press. The book can be acquired in three different formats (kindle, hardcover and paperback) directly from Temple University Press, Amazon US, and Amazon UK.

Chilean New Song (la Nueva Canción chilena) entranced and uplifted a country that struggled for social change during the turbulent 1960s and early 1970s, until the 1973 coup that overthrew democratic socialist president Salvador Allende. This powerful musical style—with its poetic lyrics and haunting blend of traditional indigenous wind and stringed instruments—was born of and expressed the aspirations of rising classes. It promised a socially just future as it forged social bonding.

In this book, Dr McSherry deftly combines a political-historical view of Chile with a narrative of its cultural development. The author examines the democratizing power of this music and, through interviews with key protagonists, the social roles of politically committed artists who participated in a movement for change. She explores the impact of Chilean New Song and the way this artistic/cultural phenomenon related to contemporary politics to capture the passion, pain, and hope of millions of Chileans.

2016: Book '40 years are nothing' is out

A new book, 40 years are nothing: History and memory of the 1973 coups d’etat in Uruguay and Chile, edited by Pablo Leighton and Fernando López, has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom. The book can be bought as hardcover directly from Cambridge Scholars Publishing and from Amazon US & Amazon UK. The book is a selection from works presented at the October 2013 conference 40 years are nothing and contains articles by researchers from Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, United States and Australia. The range of topics addressed in the different chapters demonstrate that the 1973 coups continue to be a key point of interest for researchers and that the study of this topic is far from exhausted. Read more details about the book here.