Luis Angosto-Ferrández’s BOOK LAUNCH

A new book “Venezuela Reframed: Bolivarianism, indigenous peoples and socialisms of the twenty-first century” by Dr Luis Angosto-Ferrández, regular contributor for Latitudes, will be launched on 29 October 2015, 3pm, at the University of Sydney.

The book deals with the role of the indigenous population in the formation of the Bolivarian revolution as one of Latin America’s most important untold stories. Considered a beacon of twenty-first century Socialism by many, Venezuela is the scenario of ongoing global struggles for the definition of democracy and multicultural rights. Venezuela Reframed takes an unprecedented and revealing angle in the explanation of these struggles and their historical significance. It shows that a considerable part of indigenous activism, aligned with the Bolivarian governments, has participated in the constitution of a national-popular bloc that has paved a way for development and modernization in classical, social-democratic terms. Boldly arguing that certain, romanticized notions of cultural indigeneity hide growing class struggle, this book is essential reading not just for those interested in Venezuela, but those interested in broader debates on the prospects of democracy, contemporary states and alternatives to capitalism worldwide.

The event will be introduced by Raewyn Connell, and discussed by Federico Fuentes. The book can be bought directly from here. The venue of the event is Woolley Common Room, John Woolley Building, University of Sydney. No RSVP required for this event. All welcome.