Details of 2014 debate 9

Latitudes invites academics, students and general public to its ninth session this year. In this occasion, we will host via videoconference a dialogue with three scholars from Chile, Brazil and the United States, working Latin American historiographical, memory and biopolitical studies. In the first hour, Professor Steve J. Stern (Vice-Provost at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) will be interviewed on his trilogy of books, The Memory Box of Pinochet’s Chile. Secondly, Dr Iván Pincheira, post-doctoral fellow at the Sociology Department, Universidad de Chile, will show a video on his research (with English subtitles) and present in Spanish the paper La gestión gubernamental de la memoria en el Chile Postdictadura. Finally, Pedro Teixerense, PhD candidate at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and research analyst at the Brazilian National Truth Commission will present Shaping transitional justice in Brazil: a history of the Amnesty Commission (1979-2014). The event will be held on Friday November 7, 2014, from 11AM to 1PM, at room 310, Morven Brown building, UNSW Kensington Campus. See more details here. Finally, the audio recordings of eighth session about Latin American cultural and memory studies in Australian can be listened here.